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What to Look for When Buying a Diamond

The most important things to consider when picking a diamond are called the four C's. The four C's stand for Carat, Colour, Clarity, and Cut. All diamonds will be classified based on these four C's. Before purchasing a diamond it is very important you have prior knowledge on the four C's which will be discussed below.


The primary of the four C's is the cut quality. A diamond not holding a good cut quality will not be considered even if it has good components. The cut quality is what brings out the diamond's majestic look and appearance. The majestic look and appearance is dependent on the type of cut. The type of cut determines the amount of sparkle a diamond would radiate. Among all the types of diamond cut, the brilliant round cut produces the most sparkle.


Most diamonds come in the normal colour range which is said to be pale yellow or brown colour. Any other colour is considered a fancy colour diamond. These fancy colour diamonds are very precious and very rare in the market, thus the price will be very high. The colourless diamonds are the purest form of diamonds and these colourless diamonds will be bright white in appearance.


This will depend upon the number of scratches and flaws on that particular diamond. Based on the amount of scratches and flaws, they will be assigned to different categories. Commercially available diamonds are graded SI1, SI2 and etc. This denotes Severely Included 1, Severely Included 2, and so on. The higher quality in this grading are said to be VS and VVS. These denote for Very Slightly Included and Very Very Slightly included. The highest quality of diamonds are flawless diamonds.


Carat denotes the weight of the diamond. The price may increase by each carat increase.

Most people will buy diamonds for their Engagement rings. When purchasing a diamond the seller may easily cheat the customers by selling a low quality diamond or may charge extra. This can be reduced only when customers have knowledge in analyzing the quality of diamonds. In this quality analysis the 4C’s play a vital role i.e. the Carat, Cut, Clarity and Colour. The price of any diamond will be purely based on these 4C’s and another important aspect is having a budget where the diamond ranges in prices.

Before you go and purchase a diamond on your own it is highly recommended that you consult with professional gemologists. A professional gemologist will provide you with many details related to finding the right stone for you at the right price. There are various trusted institutions such as GIA i.e. Gemology Institute of America, AGS i.e. American Gem Society, and IGI i.e. International Gemology Institute. Stones certified by these institutions are safe to buy. All the information will be provided on the certification. The certification number will also be written on the girdle of the diamond as well.