World's Largest Emerald Or Not?

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57,500-carat emerald worth $1.15 million

Is this the worlds largest emerald? You be the judge - Bluphire.This gem named Teodora from Brazil and cut in India is a size of a watermelon. There are doubts whether it should be called an emerald. Jeff Nechka, the gemologist who appraised the stone was not certain if the whole piece was an emerald, but he was positive that parts of it were emerald. Since the stone has been dyed, Nechka believes that part of it could be white beryl. He was unable to identify the intensity of the stone prior. He also stated that it was impossible to determine how much of it is emerald.

The Director of GIA West Coast Identification Services, Shane McClure said if there was any white beryl present in the stone, GIA would likely term it ‘beryl with zones of emerald’.

In my opinion I don’t think it is real because dying a real emerald of that size would certainly drop its value. What do you think? Do you think it is real?