Birthstone of November

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November – the autumn month, signaling that the Christmas season is coming and it is time to say goodbye to the leaves on the trees; this month (like the others) has a special birthstone associated with it – Topaz.

The word “Topaz” is said to come from a Sanskrit word for “fire” and like the colour of fire, the traditional November Birthstone is an orange colour. Commonly mistaken for Citrine, this gemstone has been used in jewelry for centuries but the value is much higher. Pure Topaz is a colourless and transparent stone; it is also available in other lush colours of the rainbow. The most cherished colour of Topaz is called Imperial Topaz; an outstanding orange physique with hints of pink. Mostly produced in Brazil, the gemstone can be found in various parts of the world such as Sri Lanka, Russia and Pakistan.

As part of the silicate group of minerals, it is actually the hardest mineral in its group and is also one of the hardest minerals found in nature. Crystallization of Topaz happens in a variety of difference sizes, ranging from tiny crystals to great rocks. The largest uncut stone is found in Brazil weighing close to an incredible 600 pounds. This stone is on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

While Topaz is considered the birthstone for November, it is also the Sagittarius Zodiac Stone and has a few other significances. Blue Topaz is considered an excellent stone to be given on the 4th Anniversary of a married couple and Golden Topaz is to be given on the 23rd Anniversary. The stone signifies friendship, love, gentleness and integrity and it is believed that the wearer of this stone is will be brought with wisdom, wealth, strength and courage. In the past, Topaz was used as a medication to cure fevers and was also thought to be a protect its user against death. It was understood that to prevent insomnia and asthma, powdered Topaz should be added to wine and consumed. Submerging the stone in wine for three days and three nights, and then rubbing the wine on the eyes was believed to help with weak vision.

Beautiful and bright, Topaz seems like an amazing gem to have as a birthstone and anyone who is born in November is truly fortunate.