Birthstone of March

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March – the fresh month of a new season, the anticipation of the end of winter and start of the spring season; and just as the other eleven months, this month has a birthstone associated with it – the Aquamarine.

The word “Aquamarine” is said to be derived from the Latin expression “aqua maris” meaning “sea water.” The gem itself resembles the look of the seas with its varying colours from blue to a blue-green, while the most desired colour being a saturated blue. Like many other gemstones, the Aquamarine has healing properties of its own. Rumour has it that it can assist arthritis, eye inflammation, varicose veins, and sore throats.

Classified as part of the beryl family, the Aquamarine is commonly found in deposits located in Brazil, Australia, China, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Pakistan, Zimbabwe as well as many other locations in North America. Many Aquamarine discoveries have been huge, but the biggest find was in Marambaya, Brazil in 1910; weighing 110.5 kg, the gem was found to be 18 inch long and 15.5 inch in diameter. The “Minas Gerais”, as it was regarded, was essentially cut into many smaller gems, totaling 100,000 ct.

According to legends, the Aquamarine was said to originate from a treasure chest of mermaids and has since been addressed to as the “sailors’ lucky stone.” In the Middle Ages, it was believed that the solar system was reflected in the stone, allowing for astrological readings.

Anyone who loves the colour of the cool ocean, this gem is perfect for them. With a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, this stone’s durability is exceptionally brilliant for any piece of jewelry.