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The astrological powers of gemstones are derived from the special cosmic influences of their associated ruling planets. The term "planet" used in Sidereal astrology refers to a celestial body or "point" which has the property of attraction. Hence the Sun (a star), the Moon (a satellite of the Earth), and Rahu and Ketu (two points of concourse of orbits of the Earth and the Moon) are referred to under the somewhat forced name of "planets." Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and a host of others are considered to have no effect on human affairs. These move in the heavens with ranging velocities influenced by other forces. (Ref. Astrology For Beginners by B.V. Raman, Chapter I, Page 5). Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao states that "Men are continuously subjected to the influences of Planetary rays." These planetary rays are radiated as gravitational, electrical and magnetic energy fields which are transmitted as light waves. These light waves can be measured from their smallest part as fractional parts of a billionth of an inch, to ones which are billions of billions of miles in length. Each of the nine planets (nava-graha ) influences us according to its nature. Therefore, a knowledge of these planetary influences is essential to any understanding of gemstones and their powers.

The ancient gemological texts of India explain that white light is actually composed of seven primary and two secondary colors blended together. The seven colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet; the other two colors are ultra-violet and infra-red. The seven primary colors become visible in the form of a rainbow whenever white light is defracted through a prism or rain drops. The two secondary colors always remain invisible.

These nine colors are understood to be the cosmic matrix and very essence of the nine planets; and it is through these colors that the planets radiate their energy and influence. When the visible colored-light waves are measured, infra-red exhibits the longest wave length and ultra-violet, the shortest. It is important to note that the wave length of colored-light emanating from the nine planets is believed to match those radiating from each planet's corresponding gemstone(s).

Among all the elements in nature, gemstones constitute the most condensed form of concentrated color. Gems provide an inexhaustible source of cosmic color rays. These planetary gemstone colors are described in this chapter under their ruling planet.

The following is a list of the special influences exerted on human affairs by each of the nine planets along with the particular powers ascribed to their corresponding gemstones.


The Sun is the sovereign planet of the zodiac, furnishing the light and heat upon which all life depends. The Sun's position in a person's horoscope determines his or her external appearance and public persona and provides the energy for one's personal power and influence over others. The Sun governs the fields of philosophy, government service, churches and temples, the medical profession, gold trade and public fame. Solar energy is associated with the fire element, the color red, fatherhood and masculinity, royalty and political power.

If the Sun is exalted one will be well-read, pious, strong, compassionate and untroubled. But if the position of the Sun in one's horoscope is weak or afflicted then contrary results may be expected. RED is the cosmic color transmitted by rubies and other natural red gems. Red color waves are hot and therefore useful in curing diseases caused by excessive cold and moisture in the body, viz. cold, flu, anemia, low blood pressure, heart and circulatory problems, as well as foolish behavior and learning deficiencies. In addition, Solar gemstones confer courage, eliminate sadness, moderate excess sensuality, and help elevate one's status in society.

GEMSTONES ruled by the Sun are:

  • ruby
  • red spinel
  • red garnet
  • rubellite 
  • and other natural pink or red gems with crystal clear transparency
In order to properly transmit solar energy, Sun stones must be natural, flawless (eye-clean) and should be set in gold.


The Moon governs the mind, and it's position in one's horoscope determines a person's habitual patterns of thought, feeling and volition. It rules all professions associated with water, such as sailing and fishing, and it influences the tidal patterns of oceans and seas as well as bodily fluids. Lunar energy is associated with the water element, the color white, motherhood and femininity, romance and love. The Moon is a soft, sensitive planet with fluid, feminine qualities.

If the Moon is exalted one will be wealthy, industrious and respected. But if the position of the Moon is weak or afflicted then contrary results may be expected. Diabetes, alcohol and drug abuse, and all types of emotional distress are also associated with debilitated Lunar energy. ORANGE is the cosmic color transmitted by pearls and other Lunar gems. Orange color waves are cold and therefore useful in treating diseases of the bodily secretions and blood caused by excessive heat in the body. Fine Moon jewels are known to be helpful in cases of mental derangements caused by an excess of heat in the heart and brain. Moon astral talismans will also enhance all mental faculties, pacify emotions, induce tranquility, and improve artistic creativity.

GEMSTONES ruled by the Moon are:

  • natural pearl
  • moonstone 
Flawless (eye-clean) and natural stones are required in order for Moon astral talismans to properly transmit beneficial Lunar energy.


Jupiter is the most auspicious and beneficent planet. Wealthy and influential individuals generally possess a strong Jupiter in their horoscopes, and this reflects the rich rewards of positive karma accumulated in previous lives. Jupiter governs religious activity, financial affairs, personal happiness, and teaching. Jupiter also determines one's spiritual orientation. It is associated with the color yellow, the bodily fluids, education, pilgrimage places, and transcendental wisdom. The Sanskrit name for Jupiter is "guru," indicating a source of divine knowledge and spiritual insight.

If Jupiter is exalted one will be a leader of men, powerful, respected, although susceptible to anger. But if the position of Jupiter in a person's horoscope is debilitated Jupiter can cause personal unhappiness, egotism, sloth, and legal problems. LIGHT BLUE is the cosmic color transmitted by yellow sapphires and other natural yellow gems. Light blue color waves, being very cold, relate to the ethereal nature and are helpful in curing diseases of the glands, the fat system and bodily cavities. Jupiter astral talismans are known to enhance spiritual understanding, facilitate pregnancy and childbirth, improve marital relations, increase one's fortune, and help balance the endocrine system. Jupiter jewels are known to be especially favorable to women by increasing their happiness and contentment.

GEMSTONES: Jupiter's energy is transmitted by:

  • yellow sapphires
  • topaz
  • citrine
  • heliodor
  • and other flawless (eye-clean) yellow gems.

Rahu (Moon's north node)

Rahu is by nature a malevolent planetary influence which can cause personal frustration, sacrileges habits, abuse of alcohol and drugs, possession of ghosts and demons, and infectious diseases. However, when located in a powerful position in one's horoscope, Rahu can elevate one to positions of great wealth and power and confer public influence over the masses. Rahu is associated with serpents, fear, karmic retribution, and un-virtuous under world characters.

Persons with Rahu exalted are wealthy and fortunate. But those with a weak or afflicted Rahu in their horoscope have a tendency to suffer from fear of supernatural phenomena and suicidal impulses. ULTRA-VIOLET is the cosmic color transmitted by hessonite and other orange gems. Ultra-violet color waves are the coldest of all the cosmic rays and should be used for ailments caused by extreme over-heating, i.e., high fever, hyper-acidity, indigestion, hyper-sexuality, insomnia, and during child birth. Rahu astral talismans may also help divert disasters, prevent insanity, counteract poisons, and protect one from demoniac influences. Rahu is particularly associated with scientific genius and the ability to deal successfully with people of lower status, such as servants, employees, and underworld characters. In India, it is still common practice to place a fine hessonite gem into the mouth of a deceased person before cremation. This is to insure that the dearly departed will not be obstructed by Rahu on their journey through time.

GEMSTONES governed by Rahu include:

  • hessonite
  • spessertite
  • zircon (hyacinth)
  • and other natural gems of golden-orange to brownish-orange hues
Only flawless (eye-clean) and natural stones transmit beneficial Rahu energy.

Mercury (Budha)

Mercury governs intelligence and therefore rules such fields as education, literature, communication, and public speaking. It is associated with the earth element, cold energy, the color green, agriculture, travel, and the nervous system. Endowed with youthful, fast-moving energy, Mercury appears prominently in the horoscopes of people who are playful, enthusiastic, and talkative. Mercury also governs astrologers, clerks, accounts, sculptors, and any other profession requiring skillful use of the hands. Mercury enhances the ability to learn languages, improves memory, and facilitates the power of speech. People with a strong Mercury generally have the ability to perform activities quickly and handle several matters simultaneously.

If Mercury is exalted one will be educated, happy, fortunate and highly respected. But if Mercury occupies a weak or harmful position in one's horoscope, one becomes prone to speech and hearing impediments, deceptive behavior, and lack of vitality. GREEN is the cosmic color transmitted by emeralds and other green gems. Green color waves relate to the earth element and are cold by nature. This color, being heavy, influences the heavy organs of the body such as the flesh, liver, kidneys and intestines. Mercury astral talismans are also known to enhance psychic powers, improve memory and learning, strengthen the nervous system, and provide protection against snakes and envious people.

GEMSTONES governed by Mercury include: 

  • emerald
  • peridot
  • tsavorite
  • chrome tourmaline
  • chrome diopside
  • green jadeite
  • and other natural green gems of flawless (eye-clean) and natural quality.


Venus is a beneficent planet which rules sex and sensuality, love and marriage, material comfort and luxury. Singers and dancers, artists and craftsmen, actors and prostitutes, and other professions involved in entertaining people are strongly influenced by Venus's sensual energy. A person with a strong Venus in his or her horoscope tends to have a happy marriage, enjoy material comforts, is optimistic and charismatic, makes others happy, and moves with physical grace and coordination. Diplomats and peacemakers are often governed by Venus. Venus is associated with flowers, jewels, and other beautiful objects, as well as semen, sweet foods and flavors, tropical climates, sexual activity, nice clothes, and various other sensual pleasures. People with a powerful Venus often experience distress of the excretory system due to overindulgence in food and drink.

When Venus is exalted one will be humanitarian, long-lived and possess many good qualities. But if the position of Venus in one's horoscope is weak or afflicted, one becomes vulnerable to loss of libido, impotence and sterility, venereal (lit. of Venus) complaints, and rapid aging. INDIGO is the cosmic color transmitted by diamonds and other colorless gems. This color influences all watery elements in the body, especially mucous and sperm. Venus astral talismans are known to induce purity of body and mind, confer artistic talent and worldly happiness, strengthen the bones, and improve the quality of all bodily secretions, such as mucous, hormones, and semen. The Sanskrit name for the planet Venus is "Shukra" which also means "semen."

Venus transmits its cosmic energy through: 

  • diamonds
  • quartz crystals
  • zircons
  • goshenites
  • white topaz
  • white sapphires
  • and other colorless and natural gemstones with clear transparency
Various subtle hues such as pink, yellow and blue tints are suitable for different types of professions and social positions, as long as the gem is void of solid color.

Ketu (The "South Node" of the Moon)

Ketu is a mysterious planetary influence which, like Rahu, is malevolent and afflictive unless located in a powerful position or conjoined with a beneficent planet. Ketu governs theology, monastic life, crime and punishment, hidden enemies and dangers, and the occult. Unless correctly balanced, Ketu can cause poverty and other obstructions in one's life. Ketu is associated with suffering and the consequent aspiration for spiritual liberation.

If Ketu is exalted one will be and wealthy and protected from evil. But if Ketu appears in a weak or harmful position in one's horoscope, one becomes prone to fatal diseases of a mysterious nature as well as compulsive gambling. INFRA-RED is the cosmic color transmitted by cat's eye gems. Infra-red color waves are the hottest of all the cosmic rays and are known to be useful in many chronic and terminal illness such as cancer and all forms of paralysis. Infra-red color also aids digestive problems and skin diseases. Ketu astral talismans can also enhance psychic powers, confer protection from hidden enemies, and avert dangers such as drowning, intoxication, and criminal punishment. Ketu is also said to bring good luck to gamblers (if well-placed).

GEMSTONES ruled by Ketu include: 

  • Cat's eye chrysoberyl
  • Cat's eye beryl
  • Cat's eye apatite
  • Cat's eye tourmaline 
  • and other yellow to greenish-brown gems which display a strong chatoyant "cat's eye" light reflection on the surface and often within the crystal when cabochon cut. 
These gems should also possess a high degree of transparency in order to properly transmit beneficial Ketu energy.


Saturn is a powerful planet whose position in one's horoscope strongly influences one's work and employment, as well as obstacles one must overcome in order to succeed in one's chosen field. Saturn is associated with the color blue, darkness, obstinacy, gambling, and chronic diseases. It governs aging and death, yoga practice, foreign travel, hunters and thieves. While malevolent by nature, when properly placed or balanced Saturn can also induce great virtues, such as compassion, charity, longevity, meditative insight, and positive public influence.

When Saturn is exalted one will be long-lived, charitable, lavish, proficient and an affectionate mate. But if Saturn is weak in a person's horoscope, one becomes vulnerable to headaches, neuralgia, and other disorders of the nervous system, as well as epilepsy, stupidity, and fainting. VIOLET is the cosmic color transmitted by blue sapphires and other natural blue to violet gems. Violet color waves are related to Saturn, the planet which governs suffering and poverty. Saturn also rules the entire nervous system. Therefore, most diseases of the nerves, such as neuroses and nervous tension may be caused by an afflicted Saturn. Saturn being the slowest planet also causes diseases of a chronic nature and can cause delays if ill-disposed. Saturn Astral Talismans are known to help strengthen a person's nervous system. They also repel envy from others, avert demoniac influences, provide protection against dangers during travel, make one more serious and far-sighted, and induce mental tranquility.

Saturn transmits its cosmic energy through:

  • blue sapphires
  • blue spinels
  • indicolite
  • iolite
  • amethyst
  • and other natural blue to violet gems with transparent clarity
Only flawless and natural gems possess the capacity to properly transmit positive astral energy from Saturn.


Mars is a masculine planet which radiates an intense and fiery energy. Mars governs soldiers and warfare, ambassadors and orators, restaurateur and cooks, athletes and pilots, real estate and construction. It rules the color red, the metal element, vegetation, and the basic energy of life. The position of Mars in one's horoscope determines relations among brothers, courage and strength, vitality and sexual drive. When Mars is powerfully placed, a person becomes highly energetic and devotes his or her energy to constructive endeavors and worthy causes. When afflicted, Mars causes a person to behave erratically and waste energy on worthless pursuits. A severely debilitated Mars often indicates a violent temper and destructive tendencies.

When Mars is exalted one has great energy, is learned, well-known and regal, But if Mars is located in a weak or afflicted position in one's horoscope one becomes prone to boils (due to impure blood), unstable blood pressure, anemia, and violence. YELLOW is the cosmic color transmitted by coral and other ochre colored gems. Yellow color waves are related to the lymph nodes, bone marrow, blood, and head. Mars astral talismans may help to strengthen these vital elements. They also help avert violence and warfare, moderate lust, improve finances, and reduce mental depression.

Gemstones ruled by Mars include:

  • natural coral
  • carnelian
  • and other pink to red ocher colored gems
As always, the use of fine quality gems, free of defects, is imperative for transmission of auspicious astral energy rays.


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