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Dating back centuries ago, it has always been believed that gemstones have special healing powers. This principle originated from the Vedic astrological traditions in India. Experts from this tradition claim that there are special ways to use the gemstones to amplify physical and psychological well-being. Many people seek guidance when they want to purchase a gemstone and they look to astrological gemologists to understand what gemstone will be the most beneficial to them. Others account on the changes that they experienced before and after they received their gemstones and believe that it truly helped. There are a few techniques that are understood on how to use the stones: having the stone close to your skin, consuming a liquid that had a stone submerged in it and rubbing the liquid on a body part.

Today, although it has not been scientifically proven, many people still believe in these Vedic traditions. But, at present time, the theory that gemstones have an effect on the body by just being close to the skin has been discussed in some scientific circles. The play of colours and light can also stimulate our senses, be it calm or agitated.

Below lists a few examples of some popular gems and their philosophies:

Yellow Sapphire

The Yellow Sapphire is said to bring wealth and prosperity into the home as well as improve intellects. Various individuals believed that if a young girl wears this gem, then she would get married early in life. It is deemed that the Yellow Sapphire can help in eliminating impurities from the body; recommended by astrological gemologists, this gem can help with the treatment of liver, spleen, stomach and gallbladder problems.


It is believed that a pure hessonite set in a golden ornament is the ultimate talisman, capable of increasing the life span, progeny, and happiness of its owner. It can also remove evil thoughts and motives from the owner's mind. Any man possessing such a praiseworthy hessonite, even if only for ornamental purposes would surely become wealthy and famous in this lifetime.


Topaz is said to bring wisdom, wealth, strength, courage and protect the wearer from death. In the past, it was used as medication to cure fevers, prevent insomnia and asthma. As a cure powdered Topaz was added to wine and consumed. Centuries ago, submerging the stone in wine for three days and three nights, and then rubbing the wine on their eyes was believed to help with weak vision.


Amethysts are said to enhance your spiritual consciousness, meditation, serenity, visualization and composure. It calms the mind and allows the wearer to be at ease. It is also said to bring good luck and love.


Said to be a general healer, Turquoise is believed to dismiss any negative energy and can be served as protection. Supposedly it heals the spirit and encourages self-realization. Like many of the other gemstones, turquoise also attracts love and strengthens the body.

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