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8.62 Carat IGI Certified Hessonite/Gomed (Grossular Garnet)

From Sri Lanka a country famous for its cinnamon, we have this gargantuan 8.62 carat natural hessonite. As described in the Vedic texts, these gems are believed to be the finger nails of the great demon Vala and were transformed into seeds of Karketana or hessonite gems. This rare planetary jewel sparkles with an internal fire orange hue like a mixture of honey with the light of the vampire's blood moon.
It is believed that a pure hessonite just like this set in a golden ornament is the ultimate talisman, capable of increasing the life span, the progeny, and the happiness of its owner. It can also remove evil thoughts and motives from the owner's mind. Any man possessing such a praiseworthy hessonite, even if only for ornamental purposes would surely become wealthy and famous in this lifetime.
This stone is laser inscribed with the IGI report number on the girdle of the stone.
Laserscribed: "IGI 7007174C"
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